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Our Firm

ImpactFI is a full service financial and investment firm specializing in comprehensive wealth management for clients that need expertise around equity compensation and are looking to align their investments with their values. We have experience advising stock plan participants at some of the largest tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, such as Apple, Facebook (Meta), Google (Alphabet), Twitter, Uber, and many others.

At ImpactFI, we know that not all financial advisors or financial services institutions are created equal, that's why we follow The Fiduciary Standard. This standard requires all Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to be a fiduciary by law. This means we are not compensated based on the products and services we recommend, which is not the case across the financial services industry. A fee-only model mitigates much of the conflict of interests that exist in financial services, as an RIA’s only source of compensation comes from that fee that the client pays us directly, and not from any commissions or revenue sharing from selling certain financial products.

What Makes Us Different

Equity Compensation Expertise

We have over 10 years of experience helping clients manage their equity compensation at some of the largest tech companies including Apple, Uber, Brex, Salesforce, Stripe, Palo Alto Networks and Gitlab to name a few. We help our clients with tax minimization, concentration risk and liquidity needs.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is an important component to our firm as we believe we should use our wealth as a force for good. At ImpactFI, we help clients align their investments with their values without compromising growth or their goals.

Charitable Giving

For clients who would like to give back, we help devise tax optimized charitable giving strategies through vehicles such as donor advised funds. Our founder also gives back by engaging in pro-bono work for previously incarcerated people through the non-profit organization, After Innocence.  

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Our Process

Introductory Call 

(30 min meeting)

We'll discuss:
  • Your financial goals 
  • How we work with clients 
  • Services, fees and next step


Data Gathering 

(1-2 meetings, 75 mins each)

As a new client:
  • You'll complete a six-step, self-guided workflow in our planning portal. 
  • We'll review your data and dive deeper into your goals. 
  • I'll review and build out your preliminary plan. 

Plan Delivery & Implementation 

(1-2 meetings, 75 mins each)

I’ll present your preliminary plan and:
  • Share recommendations and highlight opportunities. 
  • Establish an action plan for urgent or time sensitive items. 
  • Define and implement your investment preferences and strategy. 

Behind Our Name & Our Logo

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word Impact as “a powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on a situation or person.” FI is often used as an abbreviation for Finance, Financial or Financially Independent. The multi-colored arrow represents diversity and working together to raise up with one commonality, represented in green. The color green also represents wealth and health.